How We Met

After climbing high up a tree and crawling way out on a limb in an attempt to retrieve a geocache, Anne found herself in a precarious position when she felt the fickle limb snap and break.  Luckily, she landed directly into the arms of a dashing young man named Jeremy who had just arrived on the scene.  Before she was able to thank her mysterious hero, a violent rainstorm suddenly assaulted them.  Jeremy gallantly draped his jacket over Anne to protect her from the unrelenting downpour as they retreated to their vehicles.  In his haste to get out of the rain, and perhaps befuddled by the fair maiden, Jeremy forgot his jacket.  Anne was determined to return the jacket to her heroic gentleman.  Call it fate, or call it OCD, but she found his name and phone number written on the inside tag.  She called Jeremy, they met, and the rest is history....   
Just kidding.

Contrary to popular belief, we did not meet geocaching.  Like tens of millions of other Americans, we met via an internet dating website.

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The Proposal

On a very cold and windy Halloween day, Jeremy took Anne back to the sites of their first date two years prior.  They visited the two highest points in Southeastern Wisconsin at Holy Hill and Pike Lake State Park.  Atop the observation tower at Pike Lake, he got down on one knee and proposed.  This picture was taken just following the proposal.